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To have a set of drifts in various sizes is convenient when verifying the ID of your tubulars. However, it can be demanding to keep track of all your drifts. The DRIFT SAFE from RIGTOOLS provides a nice and organized solution to keep that overview at all times.



Stainless steel cabinet with key lock containing 20 stainless steel drifts for DP, HWDP, DC and other tubulars.

Other setups and combinations such as teflon drifts can be supplied on request.



Inventory list with drift specifications does follow the DRIFT SAFE. Each drift has a designated and marked place on the cabinet’s rack system. Always correct size of drift available.

No flow restriction due to large ID on drifts.



Less risk of dropping wrong drift because size is stamped into each drift.

The driller holds the DRIFT SAFE key and has full control of where the drifts are located. Storing each drift in the rack system will give full overview of how many and which drifts sizes are available – and which sizes that may be out and operational.

Long lifetime because drifts do not disappear. No time wasting search for drifts.