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HORSESHOE Flowline Magnets are positioned in a tailor-made frame, which fits the header box or flowline (or both). This provides a complete magnetic barrier across the full width and depth of the fluid path.


Made of stainless steel with a retractable magnetic piston.

Each magnet weighing only 4 kg.

The kit will be designed to fit into your flowline.


Easy to install and retrieve in the flowline or ditch. When collection of swarf is needed each lightweight magnet is pulled one at a time.

When retracting the magnetic piston the demagnetization and stopper plate will make the swarf fall off without touching it.


Eliminates or reduces metal in mud pumps.

Scrap the conventional heavy block magnet full of muddy metal swarf having to be lifted and mechanical cleaned.

Reduces risk of finger cuts and back injuries. Crew will not be exposed to mud. No time wasted on cleaning magnets.