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When handling lifting subs homemade tools or straps are often used. Handling lifting subs in various ways have caused many incidents and pinched fingers.


Made of stainless steel. We supply RIGTOOLS Clamp in following standard sizes: 3 ½”, 4″, 5″, 5 ½”, 5 ⅞”, 6 ⅝”, 7″. Two-legged lifting sling and full certification for offshore use is included.


RIGTOOLS Clamp is clamped directly around the lifting subs when installing or removing them from BHA components. The safety hooks keep the RIGTOOLS  Clamp securely locked while in operation.

No loose bolts or shackles required, no need of slings for handling lifting subs.


RIGTOOLS Clamp makes operation more safe and efficient when handling lift subs in vertical and especially horizontal position. The handler is in control and keeps hands and fingers free from danger. The risk of hanging up in threads when removing lifting subs in vertical position is reduced.