Rig Energy > Roughneck Backsaver

The ROUGHNECK BACKSAVER is a power slips lifter which eliminates the need of manual handling of heavy slips. It can be operated from the driller’s console or at a safe distance.


The ROUGHNECK BACKSAVER can be hydraulic or pneumatic operated as per customer requirements.

Retractable functionality is optional. During normal tripping the retractable function is not required.


Easy and quick to install.

The optional retractable feature eliminate the need of removing the conventional slips lifter while drilling or tripping in open hole sections where rotating of the string is required. No need of removing rotary insert bowls or master bushing like other type of automatic slips or slips lifter.


With the retractable function the slips retracts from the pipe and will in a few seconds be extended towards the pipe when required so the slips can set into the rotary. The need of removing the conventional slips-lifter is eliminated.

Personnel is kept out of Red Zone. Personnel will not have to lift heavy slips which is safer and more efficient. The number of personnel required on the rig floor is reduced.