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Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Pipes

Petroplastic has more than 25 years of experience in the Upstream Oil & Gas Market, manufacturing and selling Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Pipes. Pipes are manufactured in the industrial facility located in Junín de los Andes, Neuquén Province, Argentina, under high quality standards acknowledged by international certifying institutions.

Petroplastic manufactures GRE Tubing, GRE Casing, GRE Line Pipe and fittings for all the product lines.
Additionally, Petroplastic provides after-sales support, well assistance and pipeline installation.

Petroplastic pipes are manufactured by “Filament Winding” Method. Pipes are Integral Joint with 4RD thread and O´ring . Some diameters are available with 8RD thread.

Quality Certifications

Petroplastic has authorization for official use of the API 15HR monogram License number 15HR -0104 for GRE Line Pipe manufactured in its industrial plant located in Junín de los Andes, Neuquén Province, Argentina.

The manufacturing process applied by Petroplastic for Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes and fitting production, is strictly controlled by its Quality Management System, which is certified by American Petroleum Institute under the following standards: APIQR, Register number: Q1-3211 for API Q1 and ISO 9001-2008, register number 3152.

Tubing - GRE Petrotubing®
Casing - GRE Petrocasing®
Line Pipe - GRE Petroline®

Tubing – GRE Petrotubing®

GRE Tubing with 4RD thread is a solution to problems generated by corrosion and scaling in Oil and Gas wells, optimizing operational expenditures. Petroplastic has more than 2000 wells installations experience in Argentina and abroad.

GRE is compatible with Salted Water, Crude Oil, Gas, H2S, CO2 and polymers.

Also HCL for acidizing according to standard field operations. Petrotubing is designed for 20 years life span.

Petrotubing installation can be done with standard equipment and lifting devices or by those specially designed for GRE.

Conventional tools, such as Wire Lines, Plugs and Scrapers can be ran through GRE Tubing.

4RD Thread, designed especially for GRE Pipes, allows an easy Joint assemble and disassemble, being 100% reusable.

Connection with tools can be done with Stainless Steel X-overs, supplied by Petroplastic.

The Engineering Department of Petroplastic is available for our customers, for installation design and product selection collaboration.


Main Applications for GRE Tubing are:

  • Water and Injection Wells.
  • Polymer Injection Wells.
  • Relining in Injection Wells with Corroded Steel Casing.
  • Oil and Water production with ESP.
  • Oil Production with PCP.

General Data

  • Sizes: 2.3/8” up to 4.1/2”.
  • Joining Systems: 4RD Integral Joint Connection.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Salted Water, Oil, Gas, H2S, CO2, Polymers, Excellent resistance.

Installation / Operation

  • Free Corrosion Tubing .
  • High Pressure and Axial Load capabilities.
  • Minimum operational and maintenance cost.
  • No Hydraulic Wrench or Pick up equipment required.
  • Light weighted and easy to handle.

Casing – GRE Petrocasing®

This product is an attractive solution to corrosion in injection wells as in Oil and Gas production wells. GRE Casing is designed for 20 years life span upon installation.

Petroplastic is a pioneer company in development and design of this type of installations.

GRE Casing is compatible with different Cement Slurries; also Cement Logging can be ran (it is one designed specifically for GRE).

GRE Casing allows casing perforation with conventional charges. Conventional Packers, as well as those designed for GRE, can be set in the GRE Casing inner wall.

Acidizing and hydraulic fracturing can be done through the GRE Casing.

Due to chemical resistance of its epoxy/anhydride resin system, GRE Casing is compatible with Salted Water, Crude Oil, natural gas, H2S, CO2, Polymers and it has an excellent Bacteria resistance.

Petroplastic Engineering department is available for our customers in order to collaborate in the Pipeline design and product recommendation for different applications.


GRE Casing Applications are:

  • Tubing Less Global Injection wells.
  • Water Injection Wells for Selective Injection.
  • Polymer Injection Wells – Tertiary recovery.
  • Disposal Wells.
  • Relining in Injection wells with Corroded Casing.
  • Oil Production Wells.
  • Mining Wells.
  • Thermal Wells.
  • Water Sourcing Wells.

General Data

  • Nominal Diameters: 3.1/2” up to 10.3/4”
  • Connections: 4RD Integral Joint Connection.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Salted Water, Oil, Gas, H2S, CO2, HCL, Polymers, excellent resistance.

Installation / Operation

  • Compatibility with different Cement Slurries.
  • Specific Cement Logging for GRE.
  • Perforation with conventional charges.
  • Conventional Packer Setting and Packer designed for GRE Casing.
  • Acidizing and fracture stimulation allowed in GRE Casing.
  • Easy to handle and light weight.
  • No pick up / lay down equipment.
  • No hydraulic wrenches.

Line Pipe – GRE Petroline®

Petroplastic manufactures GRE Line Pipe according to API 15HR guidelines by Filament Winding System, with pressure capabilities up to 3000 Psi, from 2” to 10” with 4RD Threads. Also 8RD thread is available up to 3”.

Petroline® offers excellent corrosion resistance and low installation cost.

Additionally, thanks to its smoother inner surface (150 Hazen Williams) and its minimum operation and maintenance cost, makes this composite pipe a cost effective solution for our customers.

Our 4RD thread connection system allows that our pipes can be easily disassembled in case of repair or temporary installations, and since they don´t need sealant additives, they can be reutilized.

Petroplastic Engineering department is available for our customers in order to collaborate in the Pipeline design and product recommendation for different applications.


Petroline® Applications are:

  • Injection Lines.
  • Water Trunk Lines.
  • Oil Trunk Lines.
  • Gas Pipelines.
  • Water Pipelines.
  • Water temporary transfer lines.

Petroline can be utilized in different specific applications for Shale Oil and Shale Gas development:

  • Water transfer lines for low, medium and high pressure from 2” to 10” with threaded connections that allows the pipes to be reused in different locations.
  • Oil & Gas Flow Lines.
  • Water Disposal Lines.
  • Water Trunk lines.
  • Flowback Lines.