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Power & Renewable Energy

RIG Energy provides engineering, project management and procurement solutions to help clients manage, enhance, and protect their power generation assets.

Improve your power generation-related operations, safety, profitability, and performance while minimizing business risk – this is our goal.

Utilities, Independent Power Producers, Grid Operators, Equipment Manufacturers, Transmission and Transportation providers, Fuel Suppliers and Traders, and Power Generation Consumers of coal, natural gas, wind, solar, fuel oil, wave & tidal, and nuclear fuels are all supported by our diverse expertise. Our experts partner with you to understand your needs and develop bespoke solutions to fit your goals.

Issues such as climate change and security of supply, coupled with political and social demand for green energy means that green energy is growing in importance. Technological advances have resulted in increased efficiency in energy production and it has become more economically viable.

The growth of green energy sectors means a number of challenges, both technical and operational, and navigating this complex environment requires a reliable partner with proven expertise and global reach to help your business succeed.

Wave & Tidal

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